Benefits of an Off-Road Vehicle

The thrill that comes with off-road driving is unrivaled. Words aren’t enough to describe the feeling, and one only needs to experience it to understand. However, when debating whether to get an off-road vehicle or not, some people tend to use their budget as the determining factor. After all, if they can afford an off-road truck then why not? While this makes sense to a certain extent, other considerations have to come into play. These considerations include the benefits of an off-road vehicle as highlighted in this article.

  1. Adequate Ground Clearance

    Benefits of an Off-Road Vehicle

    One of the main benefits of an off-road vehicle is that they have a higher ground clearance than your average car. The reason is that off-road vehicles are meant to traverse all manner of terrain, and therefore adequate ground clearance is necessary to prevent damage to the underbody. For instance, when it rains or snows heavily, the ground clearance on off-road vehicles keeps the vehicle high enough thus preventing water or snow damage. When taking a trip to rocky terrain, ground clearance does a good job protecting the underside.

  2. Wheel Articulation

    Driving off-road means that you are always going to encounter uneven ground more than 60% of the time. In such terrain, you’ll need as much traction from the wheels as you can get or else you won’t move. The truck is also likely to lose all stability. It is for this reason that off-road vehicles have a solid axle. The solid axle guarantees wheel articulation that ensures that all wheels are in always in contact with the ground to provide the much-needed traction.
  3. Low-End Torque

    Another benefit of off-road vehicles is that they have a low-end torque and this is very critical when trying to get through or over obstacles. For instance, when a 2WD vehicle tries to get over obstacles, it has to keep momentum, and this means that the driver has to step on the pedal. However, this isn’t the case with an off-road vehicle as you don’t have to work the engine to get over boulders and rocks. A low-end torque makes this possible, and all you need to do is, and the momentum you derive will get you over any obstacle.
  4. Low Range Transfer Case

    The gearing system on an off-road vehicle can multiply the engine’s torque. This capability makes negotiating off-road terrain much more comfortable. For instance, when you set the transmission on low first gear, the vehicle will go up a steep gradient without necessarily having to step on the gas. This plays an integral role in fuel efficiency when going off-road.
  5. All Weather Tires

    There is no chance that tires meant for paved roads will do any good on off-road terrain. However, the opposite is true for off-road truck tires because they are fitted with all weather tires. They can be used on either terrain, paved or off-road. Just make sure that they are of the right quality. This would be my must-have should a zombie apocalypse occur. Together with my list of best canned foods to stockpile!